Dear Husband; Dear Wife; Dear Light of my Life;

Dear Mother; Dear Father; Dear Son;

Dear Brother; Dear Sister; Dear Valued Friend;

Dear Buddy; Dear Soul Mate; Dear One;

Tonight my heart and mind are on you,

As I gaze at our tree Christmas Eve,

The angel on top is smiling down,

And the lights are lovely to see.

I am filled with thoughts of you tonight,

I hope you're not all alone,

It's not right for one to spend Christmas,

Alone far away from home.

Christmas candles are on the mantle,

A scent of pine is in the air,

I've spread greenery throughout the house,

It looks like Christmas everywhere.

There's foil-wrapped mints in the candy dish,

On the front door, there's a wreath with a bow,

And hanging near by on a ribbon,

Is a sprig of Mistletoe.

The outside lights are a real delight

It seems there's more around town this year,

I've only put one in our window,

And it's there just for you, my dear.

The turkey's defrosting now in the fridge,

It will be ready to cook Christmas Day,

Side-dishes are mixed; the Jell-O is fixed,

And the pumpkin pies are made.

Extra leaves have been placed in the table,

The usual crowd, of course, will be here,

You know it won't be the same without you,

Oh my, how we'll miss you, my dear.

They say you'll have a fine Christmas dinner,

That the army will do it up right,

I hope it is hot and you'll eat a lot,

And you'll go to bed full Christmas night.

I can't tell you how much you'll be missed,

Although I miss you every day,

But Christmas time is a special time,

And you're so terribly far away.

I started this letter to cheer you,

But now I fear I've made you feel bad,

I'm sorry; I shouldn't have done that,

Please, honey, try not to be sad.

Remember our Christmases of the past,

Then think of the ones yet to be,

We'll spend this year in each other's hearts,

But next year you'll be here with me.

I pray each day to the Lord above,

To protect you and keep you from harm,

May you be surrounded by angels,

And be safe and secure in their arms.

None of us ever thought one day

We'd be at war in a foreign land,

They said it would protect us at home,

Isn't it strange? I don't understand.

I do need to tell you, honey,

How very proud I am of you,

And though it may sound trite,

I need to thank you, too.

I know, my dear, you've learned how to shoot,

But before that, you learned how to love,

So, when you can, aim with your heart

And trust God's guidance above.

Now ... if you are out on the road,

Or dug into a ditch, with no light,

Look up high; see that star in the sky,

It's the same star I'm seeing tonight.

Years ago, a star exactly like that,

Beamed down on the night Christ was born,

It gave men hope then; it still does today,

Merry Christmas, my darling, from home.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis Copyright December 18, 2004

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Sincere Thanks to Ginny Ellis for writing this by special request
for the loved ones both at home and overseas this Christmas. Her
graciousness is much appreciated


Our Prayer Team (Evergreen) has 'adopted' a soldier who is in Iraq. (Mark, and his family as well) We became acquainted with him when he visited this website and contacted me to tell me he appreciated a particular inspirational patriotic page.
He lives every day by his faith in our Lord Jesus.
The scripture that he stands upon daily is:
Psalm 91 (... the Lord is our fortress ... and He gives His angels charge over us)

Please read the whole Psalm and stand in faith by praying this psalm - for our beloved military men and women in far away places til they are safely home. And ask a special blessing of peace, joy and strength for them (and their families) for the season and all the days to come. May they know love of Jesus and understand His sacrifice for our eternal life, so they can celebrate His birth in their hearts.

If it were not for Mark, I do not believe we would have been drawn into the midst of this war, nor stood on the front lines with them in our hearts so that at times we feel as if we have actually been there with them. The prayers and support we have offered have been as much a blessing to us as Mark and the other soldiers with him.



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Thanks to the Talented Don Carroll for the midi playing
Titled: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas