Christmas Christmas - It's the time of the year

For spreading good tidings, laughter and cheer

Exchanging our gifts with friends we love dear

Is that really what Christmas is for?

Remember that Christmas is the birthday of Christ

A babe that was born in a manger one night

To deliver the world of its sorrow and strife

This is what Christmas is for!


When you wake up on Christmas

And look beneath the tree

And see all the gifts that

You've been blessed to receive

Think of the gift that God gave you and me

This is what Christmas is for

This is what Christmas is for!

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Here are the lyrics to another song that Jack wrote
So appropriate for the Season!


As this Christmas season draws near

I wonder if we remember why we are here

We should remember every day

And kneel beside our beds and pray

Our savior was born on Christmas day

He will return and take us away

To our home high in the sky

Where we will never say good bye

Our Jesus our Lord who lay on the hay

I'm sure he knew

The world would end this way

So as a child he spread the word

The people marveled

At the words they heard

So this year we should spread the news

That our Jesus is the One to choose

He's the Savior of all mankind

Choose Jesus and don't get left behind

Take the Bible in your hand

Start spreading his word across this land

Tell the world what he's all about

You'll have peace within I have no doubt

Now on this Christmas with all your cheer

"Remember Jesus" that He came here

To save us from a place down below

Don't know about you, but I don't want to go!

Jack Hodge ©December 5, 2000
"Rising Star Award 2002 "Holiday Song Of The Year"
North America Country Music Associations, Int'l

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