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Nodding and bobbing - scraping and swaying,

On a hillside, painted in white,

The dance of the trees is taking place,

On this wonderful Christmas Eve night.


A vision given to only a few,

Who must watch from a distance below,

Uninvited, but welcomed guests,

Peering up through the mist and snow.


A fantasy scene from a picture book,

Of trees in silver-white gowns,

That dance in their starlit ballroom.

With a bright winter moon shining down.


"May I have this dance?" asks the sturdy Pine,

As he bows to the elegant Fir,

Her boughs quivering with delight,

She replies, "I'd be honored, sir."

They bend to and fro - stretch high and low,

In a tempo set by the wind,

Their branches brush in the wind's wild gusts,

Free and undisciplined.


The mighty Redwoods and tall Cedars

Join also in the fun,

Though more dignified and stately,

They cannot be outdone.

Moved by the spirit of the wind,

Which alone gives them good reason,

But coupled with the night at hand,

They dance this Christmas Season.


The Junipers also leap in the breeze,

Small evergreens that they are,

A chorus line of high-steppers,

Each kicking up to the stars.

The Holly bushes are jolly, too,

As they dance on Christmas Eve.

With their bouncing, bright red berries,

And their shiny, spiny leaves,


Trees move with joy at Christmas,

It's that special time of year,

When they dance in celebration,

Of Our Lord's arrival here.

Christmas Eve Night! Oh, what a sight!

The trees bow down, as in prayer,

They bend and sway in marvelous ways,

As for Christmas Day, they prepare.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis Copyright December 2002

Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the LORD, because he cometh to judge the earth.

1 Chronicles 16:33

Used here with Virginia's gracious permission
Thank you for this beautiful poem!

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Midi Graciously Provided by Yuko Ohigashi.
This is an Original Copyrighted Arrangement.
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