'Tis the day after Christmas and all through the land,

the children are sleeping, "Oh isn't that grand!"

But I cannot rest after yesterday's melee ...

discarded boxes and wrappings must be cleaned up I see.

There's clutter and chaos in my once tidy home,

and it's only 8, but someone's on the phone.

Ah, Christmas, dear Christmas, your excitement has waned.

Leftovers o'erflow our refrig, and I soon complain

'cause the children are munching on candy, not food,

and my husband's already in a disgruntled mood.

The tree looks deserted with no gifts underneath,

and the angel is drooping on our Christmas wreath.

Here on the bookcase is a half-filled glass of tea,

and the cat's little black footprints trail from fireplace to me.

While I, in my nightgown, curl up back in the bed,

and take down my Bible which needs to be read.

Then I close my eyes and let peace enter as I pray,

thanking God for the Gift He gave us on Christmas day.

Though the presents and food in abundance were there,

of the true meaning of Christmas, we all were aware.

For long, long ago Christ was born here on earth ...

Went from Manger to Cross to give us new birth.

I pause in my meditation to offer up praise

to the Lord of my life as I start a new day.

I can now face the fact that it was all worthwhile:

the cooking and cleaning, the laughter and smiles.

Now the tears of frustration have vanished away

as I face once again the day after Christmas Day.

No rushing to stores and fighting the crowds.

No more Christmas music that was played too loud.

No more harried clerks rushing me through the line,

for today of all days, I have plenty of time.

The boxes and paper can stay on the floor,

and the wreath's fallen angel can dangle from the door.

The lights will still twinkle on our Christmas tree

while I take time to relax and enjoy my family.

Dorothea Barwick
©copyright 12-24-01, revised 12-5-04

Used here with her very gracious permission .. Thank You!

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