I see the countless Christmas trees

Around the world below

With tiny lights, like heavens stars

Reflecting on the snow

The sight is so spectacular

Please wipe away that tear

For I am spending Christmas

With Jesus this year

I hear many Christmas songs

That people hold so dear

But the sounds of music can't compare

With the Christmas choir up here

For I have no words to tell you

The joy their voices bring

For it is beyond description

To hear an angel sing

I know how much you miss me

I see the pain inside your heart

But I am not so far away

We are not really apart

So be happy for me, dear ones

You know I hold you dear

And be glad that I am spending

Christmas with Jesus this year

I send you each a special gift

From my heavenly home above

I send you each a memory

Of my undying love

For after all "LOVE" is a gift

More precious than pure gold

It was always most important

In the stories Jesus told

So please love and help each other

As my Father said to do

For I can not count the blessings

Or the love He has for you

I can't tell you of the splendor

Or the peace, here in this place

Can you just imagine Christmas

With our Savior face to face

I'll ask Him to lift Your spirit

As I tell Him of your love

So then pray one for another

As you lift your eyes above

So please let your heart be joyful

And let your spirits sing

For I am spending Christmas in Heaven

And I am walking with the King!

All my love to you all

~ Auhor Unknown ~

This poem was inspired by the memory of a little girl who has passed on into the heavenly realms and is now with her Heavenly Father awaiting her loved ones.

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