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From the Tennant Family
Christmas 2006

We want to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas!

Another year has come and gone - where does the time go?

For those of you who are first time visitors to this site,

this is a welcome as well as an expression of our gratitude.

For those who come often to visit the site, you've read the

words of thanks but they still hold the same meaning and

sincerity! We really DO appreciate you!

We thank you with all our hearts for the support and love

You've shown us since we began this online ministry.

It seems only yesterday that we launched our website on July 12, 2002.

We thanked everyone last year, but we want to do it again. It's a good time.

I'd like to tell our story once again, because it never ceases to amaze me

at how the Lord works in our lives to bring about His plan for us.

I had been ill for some time and I was certain I'd have to give up the ministry

To which I believed the Lord had called me .. singing, teaching, and witnessing.

I thank God for the talent that God gave to my son, Jonathan.

For it was he who labored tirelessly, putting many hours into the creation

of what is now "New Anointing Ministries"

Now expanded to include, "Genelle's Christian Inspirations"

Our Little Home on the Web.

Jonathan completed his high school senior credits in 2003 and it was a

full load for him to devote himself 100 percent to both projects!

We homeschooled all of his school years and he was registered

with a high school in Maine so they could keep his transcript

up to date and track his testing. He graduated with a 3.70 average!

Of course, "Mom" was looking over his shoulder,

many times with "unsolicited help" with the website, and I suspect

that more than once he would have loved to 'shoo' me away.

But he put up with my endless questions and concerns, finding

time for humor at my limited knowledge of technical things.

I wasn't sure there would even be any response to an online ministry.

It was like taking 'Baby Steps' .. not really

quite sure if this is what the Lord actually wanted me to do.

I knew I was no longer able to travel to churches and other

events for concerts. Many times I couldn't even attend church services.

But, slowly and surely God began to show me that there were many

other ministries online with varying gifts and talents, and I could see

that HE was using the internet in a mighty way, opening up

opportunities to reach untold thousands who may not have been

reached any other way. After all, this techology came about because

of the intellect and knowledge the Lord gave to mankind.

The willingness of many of those other online ministers

to help, support, and encourage has blessed my heart and filled

me with love for so many, even though I've not met them face to face.

As I've said many times, I'm in awe at how friendships can develop

online. I believe that the written word has a power that even the

spoken word sometimes lacks. Communication has broadened

in these endtime days, and where I was reluctant to embrace it

before, I'm now seeing how God is using the technology for


For every invention, technology, gift, or anything in this whole wide

world that the enemy of our souls can use, God's Grace does much more

abound to use those things which came from Him in the first place,

to advance His Kingdom and fulfill His plan for His creation!

I'm convinced now of the power and purpose of this ability to

communicate world wide, in regard to the spreading of the Gospel

and the uplifting and banding together of the Saints of God.

My family and I want to especially thank all those of you who have

prayed for me when I desperately needed prayer and upholding.

I know the outcome of my situation would surely have been different

without the prayers and kind words of encouragement from so many of you.

You didn't know me, but still you took the time and effort to contact

me with sweet messages of hope and love. I've said this before, but it

bears repeating .. "You faithful Prayer Warriors" and "Encouragers" ..

whether you have a website or not, are effectively ministering to each other

and to perhaps lost and lonely ones, by sending all those e-mail messages

that deliver just the right things at just the right time. Don't ever think that

your efforts are small or unimportant! You're doing the works of

our Heavenly Father and standing faithful until Jesus returns for us!

Beloved ones .. all of you who have had any contact with me,

or visited me, as well as those of you who are reading this as

you're visiting for the first time, I want to again


with all my heart; and that gratitude comes from

all the members of my family too!

Precious brothers and sisters in Christ,

We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And may the spirit of that wonderful birth that brought our Savior to us

be in your hearts all during this season and the rest of the days to come

as we wait faithfully and stand together in love until His return,

forgetting all pettiness, unforgiveness, ill will, envy, strife, malice,

or anything that would hinder us from working side by side as we labor

in the Kingdom! Let us remember that we are fellow laborers in Christ!

And there is no room for competition .. We are a Team, and a Family!

Let us judge each other with the standard of God's love!

We may not always agree or even be pleased with each other in every

instance, but we can walk together in the oneness of our faith in

Jesus Christ, our Messiah, and Lord!

Thank you for all your prayers ..
one surgery is behind me, I'm now recovering
and will have another surgery in Feb. 2006.
Soon I'll be able to walk without pain!

Dec. 2006


In His Love,

The Tennant Family

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