Dear Heavenly Father

I praise You for Your great love, for the gift of salvation and for the constant abiding vigilance You carry on, watching over all Your dear ones.

I pray that You will be honored this Christmas and all of the New year I pray that we can bring great glory to Your Name as we worship and remember Your Only Son Whom You gave to redeem us from our sins.

I pray that Your Son will come quietly and as stealthily as He did that time over 2,000 years ago and through some word, deed or whisper that hearts will be turned to Him and that they will accept Him quickly. I pray that many will come to know Him before the world realizes what is happening and tries to tear up all Your Holy work in their hearts. I pray for those who will carry the gospel as a precious gift in their hands and that they will speak Your Word in such ways that will lift Him up, charm the lost and draw them to Him.

Peacefully, quietly now we will open our hearts to Your leading, Your teachings and Your precious love for us. Father help us to discern wisely all that is spread before us. Make us wise stewards of all that You provide for us to use and live. And, Happy Birthday, dear Jesus, Happy, Happy Birthday! In Jesus's precious name I pray. Amen"

Marjorie 2008 December 16, 2008

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