I read a poem recently that had some interesting symbolism seen when looking at the snowman. It said that the 3 parts of the snowman reminded the writer of the the Trinity of God.

The bottom reminded her of the strength of the foundation we have in our faith in God .

The middle speaks of the middle cross, the cross which Jesus hung on when He shed His blood for us.

And the snowmans' head could be symbolic of the Holy Spirit, Who is with us and speaks to our hearts and minds.

More thoughts ... the snowman is made of many snowflakes, that when combined make a fun figure of winter's nature, when the seasons change and usher in the time we choose to celebrate our Savior's birthday.

If we look closely, we can see God in all of nature and all things of beauty and creation. When the winter winds blow, we know that things are dying, surely to be reborn when the spring warmth returns.

So, as we look at the snow and a snowman, let us think of the dying Savior, who was raised again to bring new life for us when the Tree of Life blooms again for us in the Springtime of God's plan.

Merry Christmas to us all .. God Bless us ... Everyone! Love in Jesus, Genelle and Family

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