A star was born on Christmas day

I have something you can't take away

Deep within this heart of mine Jesus,

A Spirit, so true and kind

Yes, it's the star of Bethlehem

I know He's real, I can feel Him

He rules my life day and night

I keep Him close and never lose sight

Yes, my star is true and strong

Given His word it can't be wrong

Won't you accept my star today?

All it takes is to kneel and pray

You'll have the Spirit living within

Guiding you through a world of sin

Yes, this star that's strong and true

He'll never leave or forsake you

Jesus is the star I'm talking about.

He lives in my heart I have no doubt

And He is coming back to take me home

On this earth I will no more roam

Oh yes, the star of Bethlehem

My Lord, my Savior, I can depend

He walks by my side night and day

So you see, I'm going His way

by Jack R. Hodge

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