Many wonder what a gift really means -
Does the recipient remember very long
Who gave them their useful or beautiful gift?
Do they remember the giver with thanks
For their hard work to earn the money they spent?

So, I wandered all through the house
To collect memories of important days past
And I gave my own self the test.
There on the mantle a little blue angel stands
A gift from a sweet, little girl Christmas, long ago.

Her sweet face and voice, as real as they were then,
Come clear as I enjoy my little gift once again.
I spy on my desk figures of two little ladies
A special 'just because' gift from a sweet friend
And I remember all the many times she has blessed me.

A tiny, red glass lantern takes me quickly to my childhood
On a Christmas morning, beneath its shiny, red metal lid,
I found multi-color candy beads that remind me now
Of many such small gifts that were so magical to a child.
Then, all the Christmases of years ago begin to unfold.

As I continued on I found a big, shiny duck candle
A gift from my son and his sisters - treasured over the years
Their faces appear shining and excited to have their mother
Such a nice gift - the sweet children are there again
Bringing more and more memories in a mental slide show.

On a table sits a brown nut dish with a squirrel atop its lid
A few dollars at the store, now priceless, as is my daughter
For all it means, she could not have given more.
Her lovely face appears as then, hoping I would like it
And flooding back are pictures from the album of the mind.

A glass globe music box and lighted church bring pictures
Of my brother who bought the gifts for our mother's Christmas
When she died before he could give them to her,
He gave them to me, and I remember all the lovely surprises
He would bring to her when she was so ill; he loved her so.

And oh, a beautiful china cup and saucer bring thoughts
Of daughter's trips, birthdays and many things shared
Thoughts and remembrances too many to count
Are each encased in gift after gift - gifts that hold the key
To the overflowing boxes stored in my memory.

Let's never underestimate even the smallest gift
Nothing is more precious than being in a loved one's thoughts.
Someone was willing to use money for which they had worked,
Giving a part of their life to earn it - energy, breath and health-
To convey their love and concern for one they hold dear.

When a gift is given, no matter the cost,
The seeds of sweet memories count the most
For many, many years down life's road
The gift will keep alive people and times
To be enjoyed again in pleasant thoughts.

When you hold a precious gift in your hands
And you consider the one who gave it to you,
You are holding a part of their lives happily given
And their esteem for you they've freely shown,
Because they want their love for you to be known.

I have heard one should give things they love as gifts
And, then, the recipient will know you truly cherish them.
Surely God the Father gave us a most wonderful, lasting gift
To treasure through all our lives - as we ponder that Gift
The magnitude of God's love and grace speaks evermore.

That Gift is God's Only Son, Jesus the Christ Child,
Our Savior and Lord. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Copyright Marjorie 2009 December 5, 2009

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