by Bob Hefner

Thank you, dear God,

for Christmas,

The day on which Jesus came.

What a precious baby

What a lovely name.

We love the baby

in the manger,

The One the

shepherds adored,

The one later worshiped

by the wise men,

The One by Herod abhorred.

We now know all of the story,

How Christ to manhood grew

How he lived a sinless life,

And how he died

for me and for you.

It took a sacrifice so perfect,

To pay for our sins

don't you see,

Therefore God

sent His only son,

Jesus, Mankind's

atonement to be.

Thank you, dear God,

for Christmas

And for the time Jesus

spent on the Earth,

For all that He taught us

and all that he was,

And for providing for

our second birth.

There's no way we

can ever repay You,

There's no reason

for us to try.

We thank You

for Baby Jesus,

Who as a grown-up

for us did die.

We're so thankful that

through your power

Jesus came back

to life once more,

And later ascended

to Heaven,

And that he's there now

on that lovely shore.

He promised someday

to return for us,

And that forever

with Him we will be.

Thank you dear God

for Christmas,

And that from sin

You've set us free.

We love the gift

You gave us,

We'll love Him

for all eternity,

And forever and

ever be thankful,

That with Him

we'll always be.

Used by permission - Bob Hefner
I thank you, Bob, for allowing me to use your precious poem to bless the visitors who come to this site.

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