Musings on Luke Chapter 1 ...

A seed, a tiny Holy seed is planted

Elizabeth and Mary together rejoiced

About the message of Gabriel to Mary.

In Elizabeth's womb there lept her baby.

Mary praised the Lord with great joy.

Gabriel's words were too hard to believe -

Elizabeth! A baby at her age to conceive?

For his disbelief Zechariah was struck dumb

All marvel that he has seen an angel.

He spoke no more till the baby had come.

When he wrote that John should be the name,

As Elizabeth had given for their miraculous son,

Zechariah's tongue was loosed in a multitude of praises.

John was born who would prepare the way for Jesus

The forerunner of the only begotten Son of God!

Joseph put his Mary on a donkey to go with him

To Bethlehem to be counted and taxed.

There in a far away stable our Christ was born

Lying in a manger of hay He began earthly life

Safe from harm till His mission was accomplished.

Now He has grown in our hearts

Year after year as from a tiny seed.

The tiny babe grew, lived His life for us

And now He is our mature elder brother

Who has become our Savior indeed.

Precious gift, living gift, saving gift, like no other

He has become the Savior of the world

For all who have come to know Him, trust Him,

Serve Him and give to Him their life.

Gift of love, peace and eternal security!

Like a great tree by a river, our faith is nourished

By living waters flowing out from the throne of God

Welling up, permeating and filling our hearts.

Grown from that tiny Holy seed

God's person and love incarnate!

Our faith has grown and every gift we buy,

Every gift we give, can be judged as good only

If we give it as a token of our love to another -

Our God Who is Good, always gives good gifts

'Tis a perfect measure for all we give and do.

Economics may be in a tailspin

The wallet may be wafer thin

But, the gift of eternal life is priceless

To tell His Story to others is our best gift to give

Through our witness sharing

His kind of love with others.

Open The Holy Bible and there

In many stories and songs,

You will find the greatest gift,

That has been, or ever will be, given

Merry, Merry Christmas to you!

Marjorie 2008 December 3, 2008

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