As I have remembered many Christmases, the following lines have come to mind. I send this to you as a tribute to all the lovely things that the Lord has had us give thought to as we celebrate His birth. With much love and prayers,


In myriads of lacy formations

Little crystals are revealed

As the sun shines through

Frosted window panes

Covered with frozen dew.

Then, I think I hear a whisper...

The sun shines warmer

Steam rises from wood fences

From roof tops and meadows

Memories from childhood

Begin to flood my soul.

I think I hear a whisper...

Wrapping paper and bows

Catch a glimmer of morning sun

Thoughts of surprises for those I love

Something special for each one.

There it is again, that whisper...

As carols play while cookies bake

Thoughts of Christmases long ago

Play over in my mind once more

Blending together in a delightful mix.

And that whisper is louder...

Do Not forget the Greatest Gift of All!

Jesus, given as the sacrifice for our sins

That we might have the wondrous gift,

Eternal life as children of the living God.

Holy whispers that soothe heart and soul...

The whispers of Christmas all around

Speak of gifts we give as symbols of love

And of the greatest gift ever given.

Where Jesus is, love does abound.

Listen for the whispers of Christmas shhhh...

Embrace our elder brother, Jesus,

The gift of God.

Give your gifts as symbols of His Love.

God bless everyone.

Copyright © Marjorie 2002

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