Christine, my Darling Daughter ...

Was born on Veteran's Day. I used to tell her that a parade was held in her honor outside the hospital window. Well .. part of that was truth. It just so happened that the hospital was located on a main thoroughfare and the parade went down that street just hours after she was born. I guess she was anxious to see the parade because she was born a mere four hours after the first little birth pang.

Christy, I want to tell you again how much I love you and how much I'm proud of you ... and that's a BUNCH!

You're a blessing and so precious to us and to our Heavenly Father. You have stood beside us and with us in good times and hard times. You've been caring and giving and generous. You have shown how much you love us in too many ways to count. We love you too!

Now it's time to brag a little! Christy has completed part of her studies to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She's done so well that she was elected Vice President and then President of the Phi Theta Kappa at our local university.

She is also busy with her own business. She has created a product that competes with a well known mineral make up. She began to use that make up and her face broke out so she researched the ingredients and discovered that there was a strong toxic substance in the make up. So, being the enterprising person she is, she gathered together the ingredients to make the formula for herself, without the toxins. She was pleased with it and got excited about sharing it with others. She began to manufacture the make up herself and now has a growing business with customers all over the world, who love her make up line.

Recently, her make up was accepted as one of the gift items for the nominees at this year's Emmy Awards. One of our local television networks picked up the story and did a feature about her business. In addition to her online sales, her make up is now being featured in local salons. She will soon have to hire more employees in order to meet the demand for her products. She has the prettiest eye color sets, blushes, foundations, and adding new products all the time.

More Bragging ...

Christy also sings! She comes from a musical family. My father was a tenor in the style of Mario Lanza and the Great Caruso. I remember standing with him at the record player, singing along with him to songs like, 'Peg 'O My Heart' and other popular songs of the era. You probably know about my singing ministry. Well .. Christy followed in my footsteps with her love of singing. People have told her that she sounds a bit like her Mom .. makes me proud, of course! She couldn't pattern herself after a better singer! (smiling as I write this!) PMCHI

Proud Moms Can't Help It!

God Bless You and Keep You Always

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This is the first of many pages I plan to do as each birthday rolls around for my family. I love the idea of an 'internet' birthday card! One that I can share with others.

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