Secretaries Week was created in 1952 through the work of Harry F. Klemfuss of Young & Rubicam, in conjunction with the National Secretaries Association, now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals. His goal was to encourage more people to consider careers in the secretarial/administrative support field. Using his skill and experience in public relations, Klemfuss promoted the values and importance of the job of administrative assistants. In doing so, he also created the holiday in recognition of the importance of administrative assistants.

Sing of secretaries! Office angels

Engaged to file tedium away;

Comrades pitching in for paltry wages:

Remember them on Secretaries Day!

Equal bearers of our office burdens,

Though less-than-equal sharers of rewards;

Avid guardians of others' gardens:

Render them due homage in your song!

Initiate the rites of recognition;

Elevate them to their one-day throne;

Sing your unabashed appreciation,

Doing much for those who much have done!

Angels of the office silent serve,

Yet sing this day the praises they deserve!

by Nicholas Gordon

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