This is in place of a card cause I think pictures say it best!!

You're my honey bear!

Sometimes it seems like I'm a grouchy old bear

But I do love you!!

And like you said, you're not getting older!

You're getting better!

I truly appreciate everything you've done all through

the years to see that we had all we need

And a LOT we DIDN'T need!!!

Just because you've always wanted the best for us!

And even now - with your hands the way they are

You think nothing of the thought of going back to work

So you can make sure we want for nothing!

You're a good man to do that!!!

So please accept my Birthday Wishes to You

From My Heart!

You'll always be .... My Loving Hubby Bear!!!

I thank God for you!!

Always and Forever, Your Wife


Happy Birthday 2011

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