Lord, I'm tired and so weary

And I must confess, a little bit blue

And I am counting on you

Lord to carry me thru

Life's storms and hard times

Often seem hard to bear

Ah, but so good to know

That you do care

Sometimes it's so hard Lord,

To feel Your presence near me

And again I find myself tossing

On life's turbulent sea

I've made so many mistakes

Lord Trying to find my way

Nothing is ever intentional

You know that to be true

And by faith I am living

And counting on You

There are decisions, difficult to make

I donšt always know Lord

Which path I must take

I ask for your guidance

Lord, You know that I do

But sometimes Lord seems like

I can't hear from you

Grant me please Jesus,

A message from you

Help me Lord to hear your voice

Ring loudly and true

For you know Lord, as always

I'm counting on you

Down on my knees

Lord I will surely come

Yes, life hands us burdens

Often so hard to overcome

But I know Lord you're always so true

And once more sweet Jesus

I'm Counting on You

by: Gayle Alatia

Used here with her Gracious Permission
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