I snuggled down in comfort

upon my nice warm bed,

and pulled the blanket 'round me,

touching the pillow with my head.

I closed my eyes in peacefulness

and waited patiently,

for the sound of angels' fluttering wings

as they surrounded me.

I felt the Lord as He drew near

to wrap me in His care,

and my lips uttered my praises

as I approached my Lord in prayer.

When I gave to Him my worries,

and all the turmoil of today,

I felt His gentle touch on me

as He wiped tears and fears away.

When stardust floated downward,

my worries lay in a heap,

as the Lord discarded each one

before filling my eyes with sleep.

Oh, the joy of knowing nightly

that Jesus would be there,

because the blanket that I pulled up

was a covering of prayer.


Original poem by Dorothea Barwick copyright 2002

Isaiah 51:15-16
But I am the LORD thy God. And I have put my words in thy mouth,
and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand ...
May the covering of prayer be your blanket of comfort each night as
God extends His hand and heals you.

With blessings and prayers,

This Prayer was sent to me by the author, as a prayer for my healing.
It touched my heart so, and was reflective of all the many prayers that
have been sent to me since my wonderful online friends, brothers and
sisters in the Lord heard of my need. I've put this page together to serve
a two-fold purpose. One, as a way to express my heartfelt gratitude to all!
And another ... to remind us all of the precious gift that God has given us
in our true and precious friendships with those we may never see or meet,
but will forever be in our hearts and a cherished part of our lives!

In His Very Precious Love,
Thank you to all who have prayed for me!

You may contact the author (Dorothea Barwick) at:

Read A Little About Dorothea . Click Here


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