A Word From Genelle:

When I first published this page, the lady I'm writing about was still with us on this present earth. She has now gone home to be with the Lord on Sept. 14, 2011. Her fondest wish was to be with her Heavenly Father and I know He rejoiced to welcome her home. She will be missed by her family and loved ones, but she will wait for them to join her someday. All who knew her will be blessed by what she gave of herself and her legacy as a faithful, loving woman of the Lord.

I want to tell you about a precious lady I recently met through a mutual friend online. Her name is Dorothy (Dot) White.

When I heard what this wonderful lady wrote to a friend, I was so inspired by her beautiful spirit, humility, and her love for the Lord, and most of all, her simple faith. In today's world we need to share those things where we find them, with others.

My immediate thought was, "What a grand lady!" We all need someone to look up to and try to use their wisdom as our example. For this reason, I wanted to share a few of her words as a tribute to Dorothy, but most of all, for us to be blessed by her faith and love.

Dorothy is 90 years old and has cancer in several places in her body. Even though she is suffering severe pain and the illness that accompanies cancer, she keeps her thoughts toward the Lord and her faith intact.

Despite her own serious condition she happily shares with others where the opportunity arises. She recently shared in the excitement about the salvation and baptism of one her caretaker's mother. Dorothy sincerely cares about others.

As I grow older I'm more and more touched and effected in a positive way by older women I can look up to and admire. I wish that there were more ladies like her.

When asked if I could use some of her words for this page, Dorothy commented, "I am flattered but I am just an ordinary person trying to "live by the side of the road and be a friend to man."

Please pray for Dorothy, our sweet sister in the Lord .. that she may live without pain and be strengthened and blessed with many loved ones by her side until she wakes in the arms of Jesus. She is one of His beloved little lambs, and so loved by Him as are all of His precious lambs who await His coming.

Comments From Dorothy:

"I feel I have nothing to offer except my lifelong values and how I feel about the drastic changes in our society and leadership."

Yes every time I start to get really worried about not only the happenings in the USA but all around the world I bring back to mind that God is still in control. That it is my duty to remember "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and all else shall be supplied." Yes I pray for wrongs to be righted, the safety and conditions for people but then I know He takes care of His own either here or when He chooses to take us Home to be with Him and our loved ones already there for that great reunion."

Genelle, I have just come from the doctor's office for a report on the tests made last Wed. I do have cancer in three different places over my body which makes it inoperable (thank the Lord) so he says within reason and living as usual taking the same pain medications I should have probably several months yet. At 90 approaching 91 in Nov., I have had a wonderful life trusting the Lord and he has furnished me with hosts of Christian friends as well as others whom I have had the opportunity to witness. I think I have pointed out some very startling (to them) facts that at least caused them to stop and think things in a different light than had occurred to them before. After all it is only common sense to consider how living with the Lord as your Friend and Savior would make their lives much less complicated and furnish the peace they sought but never found. That is my prayer, anyway.

God's Word instructs us to plant the seed and then the Holy Spirit can take it from there.

My only goal now is to help as many as possible see where only "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added." Life is so uncertain but death is sure so when we leave this world it should be our graduation day to be equipped to do the real work the Lord has prepared us for in this physical life.

God is our creator so His book of instructions is our manual for living the best way under His instructions.

Right now as I said, it is all in the Lord's hands but my wish is that one of these days I just won't wake up here but in the Lord's arms.

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