In my garden of friendship

There are blooms of every kind

Some with smiles and hearts so big

Always with others in mind

Some are just passing, and in greeting nod


Some like to chat for a while

Others are there when I need them most

And with prayers - go that extra mile.

Some of them willing to share in my tears

Listening--and showing they care.

My path would be lonely without their blooms

How I thank GOD they are there

Some bring laughter to brighten my life.

They're sunshine to chase clouds away

While sharing together, we're sure to find

GOD's blessed us all - EVERYDAY


So please come visit my garden

Of colors and blossoms - some new

For though its filled with delight now

There will always be room - for you

Copyright (c) Marie Alexander 4/4/03

Used With Author's Gracious Permission - All Rights Reserved

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