I glimpsed a little bit of heaven,

On a warm, sunny, summer day,

As I walked along a country lane,

And saw meadows in grand array.

High above the white clouds drifted,

In a sunwashed, blue, blue sky...

Over majestic purple mountains,

This old earth to beautify.

Yellow buttercups and white daisies,

And Queen Anne's delicate white lace,

Graceful, golden, butterflies hovering,

As I searched Mother Nature's dear face.

Weeping willows gently drooping

Along a rushing, narrow stream,

In all its awesome beauty

'Twas like a resplendent dream.

I lingered there much longer,

I could scarcely take it all in:

I thank you, Holy Father,

It's like a fine-tuned violin.

Sweet bird songs drift across the meadow,

Mild breezed ripple through the trees,

Life can be so appealing,

It puts tumultuous hearts at ease.

We've all heard about the garden,

Where Adam and Eve reposed:

Could it have been lovelier than this,

Where God's love continues to be exposed?

These are valuable gifts of nature

Created by our Sovereign Lord:

I bow down in thanksgiving,

With the angels, in one accord!

by Eva May Young ©
All Rights Reserved

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I Will Speak of the Glorious Honour of Thy Majesty,
and of Thy Wondrous Works.
Psalm 145:5

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