This is a special page as a tribute and memorial to Marie. Many of you knew her and loved her! While she was with us here on earth, her light shone brightly. She will be missed sorely but her light is not dimmed, rather now shines even more brightly and radiantly in heaven with our Lord!

Marie was always so happy and cheerful when she sent out her poems and little notes of love and encouragement to us! She always had such a grateful spirit and her heart was full of love and appreciation for all the wonders and beauty of the world. She loved the Lord and her brothers and sisters in Jesus so sincerely.

She's contributed so much to my online ministry and so many others as well. I had prepared a short biography page on this site for her. After you read these poems, there is a link at the bottom if you'd like to visit her page.

These poems speak volumes about her joy and gratitude. It's my honor to do this page today in honor of her precious memory.

Marie, our lovely sister ... We'll see you someday in heaven and we'll rejoice with you ... and be with our Father together forever more!


I sit beneath a shady tree

And contemplate the day

What I did what I did not

What mattered either way

I smile at blooming flowers

Still from the heat survive

And say a prayer of thankfulness

That I am still alive

At my age I still have choice

My mind is still my own

God's blessings greet me everywhere

And His love through others shown.

Oh I may have missed a thing or two

On life's journey to this day

But what I missed some others got

"And mine is best," I'd say!

Copyright © Marie Alexander

I think the best part of my day is in the late evening
when I try to slow down and remember
all of the days happenings and my reactions ...
Learn a lot that way, you know.
So with that I share this with you, hoping
you can feel His presence, see the beauty,
understand the meaning of His love.

Love, Marie


I have a swing in my back yard,

It faces toward the west

It's there I watch my sunsets

As I meditate and rest

The sunsets have such beauty

And they never are the same

And for me they show such power

As I speak my Lord's sweet Name

I thank Him for the little things

Each blessing that He sends

My flowers, the birds, an little squirrel

And neighbors who are friends

I watch the changing colors

As the sun slips out of sight

I thank Him for this day of life

Ask ... He sees me through the night

Then I thank Him for the sunsets

For no words can ever say

Theres' more beauty than those colors

As He ends another day

Praise you Lord, for all your goodness

Thank you for your gifts of love

May I serve you till my sun sets

And my soul finds peace above

PRAISE GOD! We just had a beautiful April shower ...
got so happy I wrote another one. Have a blessing on me!

Love, Marie


Oh the sunshine after the rain

Making rainbows on my window pane

Earth absorbs the moisture there

Trees bent low in grateful prayer

Flowers bent, but grateful too

For rain will make their life anew

Birds just shake the drops away

THANK YOU LORD for rain today

BLESSINGS fall like showers around

Each drop a gift my life has found

Raindrops Rainbows from up above

Given freely with my Savior's love

So claim "your" blessings, friends ... today

God shows His love for you this way

And in return thank God above

For showers of blessings

and His precious love.

Sent in happy joyous love to you ... In Jesus name


Copyright © 1/23/03 Marie Alexander

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