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For Every Day, Every Year
Hope Eternal in the Heavens!!!

It was announced today that there has been, is and always will be a leader of leaders, King of Kings, Lord of Lords whose home is not in this world, but in Heaven above. He is greater than all strengths, all powers, all nations, all creation, and all the universe. He owns all of it; He made all of it; He watches over all of it continually; He listens to the cries of His people, His dear ones, not just every once in a while, not just once a year, once a week, once a day, once an hour, but every single moment of every day of all of their lives!

It was also announced that there should be no fear, for He is with us even to the ends of the earth. And, it was said that He is not only watching over everything, but is also preparing a place for all those who believe in Him. There will be no tears, fears or burdens to carry in that place, but eternal rejoicing and worship of He who died for us. God our Heavenly Father will speak to us and we will be able to see Him as He really is.

To conclude the announcement, it was said that yes, there are enemies here; and there will not be a day that something does not happen that tears at our heart strings, but the difference between we who believe, and those who do not, is that by our faith in Jesus Christ, we have the power of prayer and the eternal protection of the Heavenly Father under the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord who died for us. Thereby we shall overcome this world and the evil that is growing and thriving here. Indeed, if we could only believe every moment and not waver, we could experience obeying His directive: "Let not your heart be troubled...".

May we blow away all the evil, fears, horrible happenings and look to that manger in Bethlehem and follow that life to the Cross of Calvary and in our hearts, mind and soul grasp the peace and hope within that journey.

God bless you my friends during this wonderful time of year. Our world may be filled with more hatred and fear than at any time in our memory, but Jesus and what he did for us is the same - yesterday, today and forevermore.

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