Just the very thought of You
Brings JOY unto my heart,
I long to serve You 'joyfully'
And n'er from You depart

Help me be a friend indeed
To others all around me,
So that they will only look 'up'
And Your Face is all they'll see!

1999 Patricia L. Carpenter
(Poem Book # 5)


Oh, drink deeply from the Fountain
For, oh what JOY it brings,
TRUST HIM and 'don't be afraid',
Then 'His Salvation' you can sing!

'Praise Him' from the Mountains
'Praise Him' in the Valley low,
As God IS your 'strength'
And His JOY you'll surely know!

'Fret not' about today
Nor what tomorrow holds,
For your GOD is with you
Helping you be 'strong and bold.'

Put 'all' into HIS Hands
Let Him carry you along,
And He'll put into your heart
A very 'brand new' SONG!

Singing from your deepest soul
As you 'yield' to His Control;
'Praises' always lifting you out
From all worry, fear and doubt!

For HE knows what He is doing
Carrying out His PLANS in you,
Remember you've told Him
He could do ANYTHING with you!

'Anything' that would bring Him Glory
'Anything' that would exalt His Name,
'NEVER' what my will but Thine, Lord
'NEVER' what would bring You 'shame.'

Away with 'self-pity'
For that is NOT of God,
As it only serves to bring you low
As on this Earth you trod.

'Pride', too, has NO PLACE
As it only 'puffs you up,'
Then something comes along
And to the ground you drop!

So just rely on God's Mercy
And on His 'Saving Grace',
'TRUST Him' to help you run
So you can 'finish' your race.

Copyright 1997 ©Patricia L. Carpenter
(Poem Book 2

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