In case you find this website

And the Rapture's taken place

Since you've been left behind

I'd like to tell you of God's Grace.

I no longer run this website

For I've left this world behind.

I have gone to be with Jesus

But I've left for you to find:

The Way to true Salvation

Yes the way to Jesus Christ.

I've left here on my website

All about His Sacrifice.

You too can find Salvation here

Please read each link I pray.

So you can learn of Jesus

He can save your soul today

No matter what your burdens

And no matter what you've done

Yes Jesus will forgive you

That's a promise from God's Son.

"What Must I Do To Be Saved?"

Is a link upon this page

That leads you to the answer

If you click on it today!

Please stay and do some reading

Oh a choice I hope you choose

I've left for you the answers

And I've left for you good news!

So just in case you've found it

Here's my website left behind

For all the lonely sinners

I had you my friend, in mind.

If you'll just take a minute

Open up your heart to see

I've left for you the Scriptures

How that Christ can set you free.

My testimony's written

And I've left it here for you

The way to true Salvation

Is NO WORKS that you must do.

So just in case it's happened

And the Rapture's taken place

Please stay and do some reading

I will tell you of God's Grace.

For you've been left behind

So please don't leave before you read

The way to finding Jesus

Only HE can set you Free!

~ Poem Written by Tammy Boatman Young ~
The Year of our Lord ~ 2003

Tammy has graciously allowed me to use this poem
to help me introduce to you my Inspirational and Shepherd Pages.
Please see the 'Shepherd Pages' for a message from the Word of God,
telling you that He seeks for you
and desires you to be saved and a part of His flock ...

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"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved"

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