Help me to always be humble

To reach out to the poor

Help me to know simplicity

To meet it at the door.

Help me to always be worthy

To be what I should be

Help to me to have the patience

To see what I should see.

Help me to always be honest

To often speak your name

Help me to gently hasten

To give you all the fame.

Help me to be a servant

To always do your will

Help me to quietly listen

To hush up and be still.

Help me to be assertive

To calm the angry tongue

Help me to fight adversity

To glorify your Son.

Help me to show my courage

To stand up and be strong

Help me to be the missing key

To sing a different song.

Help me to touch your garment

To make me lily white

Help me to spread the gospel

To lost souls in the night.

2009 Marilyn Ferguson ... Nov. 11, 2009

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