Today I sing a new song,

It bubbles from deep within

I am forgiven, I am loved,

Gone is all my chagrin.

No matter what the day will be,

My soul has taken wings

Though thunder rolls on dark days,

Jesus Christ is my everything!

Yes, today I sing a new song,

Jesus has taught me well

Singing chases the blues away,

On holy things I'll dwell!

When I wake up in the morning,

I say, "Thanks, Lord, for this day!"

And He walks along beside me,

Though my feet are mired in clay!

He shares with me in the garden,

The garden of my searching heart

He digs out the weeds of self-destruction,

And gives seeds of angelic love a start!

The lack of love is a worldly problem,

It's the reason for broken homes and war.

Almost everyone is too busy,

To become a friendly contributor!


But who takes the time to see

The heavy hearts around us,

There's a real loss of sympathy!

But when we follow God's instructions,

Our love will help pave the way,

To happiness and peaceful hours,

For which we all should pray.

Today I sing a new song,

With a heart that's filled with love

And I'm on my way to God's heaven

On the wings of a gentle dove!

By Eva May Young ©

Used Here With Her Permission
Thank You Eva, for Sharing This!
To contact Eva - E-mail her at:


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