A Tribute and Thanks to My "Online Angels"

When I launched this ministry on the web in July of 2002, it was a new phase in my Christian life and one that I was not at all sure of in many ways. Just a few short years before, I'd said that I did not even need a computer, and the internet was surely no place for Christians. But I came around and joined the twenty-first century as my kids would say, and decided to get my feet wet. Actually, it was my son, Jonathan's idea. He knew I'd been despondent due to the fact that my health had kept me from being active in my singing and teaching ministry as I had for so many years been, so he convinced me that I could at least try to sell some of my remaining CDs online. Well, the website soon became more than I'd dreamed and I was able to resume my teaching with a monthly Bible Study online, we added theme pages, and best of all, began to meet people who visit the site and contact me regularly, and now have become friends who are dear to me and my family.

And I've even been able to sell enough of my music to keep this ministry online and growing. I've been given the added blessing of many DJs visiting my site to request my music for radio play, and some of them have even charted my songs to my surprise! Our generous and loving Father gives us more than we could ever ask for or expect, doesn't He!

My prayer has been that all who visit will be blessed by being inspired to walk closer to the Lord, and grow in their Christian lives; and the unsaved will be led to the Lord, or a seed be planted in their hearts that will someday come to fruition as they accept the Lord as their Savior!

This brings me to the purpose of this tribute page. I soon found out that the internet world could be a scary place when you're a 'newbie' .. almost like a world of its own, and you can 'get lost' in all the technical aspects of it as well as the challenges to get someone to notice that you're there.

The Lord knew I'd need help, and plenty of it, and He brought some 'Helpers' to my site ... My "Online Angels" Who were more than willing to welcome me to this new world of ministry, befriend me and give me moral support, prayer, encouragement, advice and suggestions that would help me get my site off to a good start. Many of them even featured me and my music on their own sites, and continue to do so even now. I've been recommended, uplifted, and introduced to new members of what I now call our 'team' of online ministers. Because I truly now feel like one of the team, thanks to the unselfish willingness of those now precious to me, to help promote my site, taking time and energy from work on their own sites to take me 'under their wing' .. Not to forget their many sincere prayers for me!

I might have been tempted to think this was not of the Lord because of the few I found who were not so sweet spirited as my 'Helpers' .. those who display a competitive spirit and an unwillingness to share and treat other online ministers with a Christian attitude and behavior. But they pale in the light of these wonderful fellow workers in the Lord's service! I continue to see more and more real ministry online. These people are giving their time and resources to evangelism, edification, wholesome entertainment, and just being friends to those who need someone in their lives.

I've discovered that there are those who are unable to attend church for one reason or another, and they rely on these different ministries to fill a place in their lives. And the Lord knew that in this time, the pace at which our lives are lived would call for the opportunity to make contact with others in this way. And the most important factor is that the devil has made inroads on the internet but thankfully
God's people have taken much ground for the Lord!
Together, we're taking it back!

So I want to honor those dedicated sister and brother ministers and thank them from the depths of my heart for being there and doing the work they're doing in their own ministries and having had such an impact on my own!

Please visit their sites ... you'll find them on my links page. You too will be blessed by what God is doing through them. They have had a significant part in the birth of my online ministry. And I truly believe that the list will grow as time goes on because I believe that God will continue to expand this type of ministry in these endtime days. Who would have dreamed that this technology would exist and that it would prove to be yet another way for the Word of God and the Gospel to be spread throughout the world!

Now, I'm eager to help new ministries get started.
It's humbling to think that my own ministry
has come this far, and because of the help and love
I've received, I want to do the same for others.
Isn't that just the way God works!

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