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After flying through the clouds, I was taken to a rainbow.

Not to either end, but to the top! What a show!

There an angel showed me all four corners of the earth.

The beauty of what God created. The place of His Son's birth.

I could see the manger so clear As the crowds all mulled around.

I could hear the first Baby cry. What a happy, joyous sound!

Mary, with the help of an angel-- And Joseph as he waited.

All were looking at Baby Jesus-- He was all they had anticipated!

From the arc of the rainbow We slid down to one end!

That was an exciting ride I'll tell you!

From the top of eternity, down in a spin!

I looked for a pot of gold but never did see one there.

It was a storybook tale been told and I looked around everywhere.

Then the angel took me back To the top of the arc in the sky.

To show me other amazing things, So beautiful, all I could do was cry.

"It's alright to read a fairy tale," The angel told me as we flew,

"But the real truth will always prevail; What God has written will come true."

Remember when you see a rainbow - The promise God gave to us.

How He will never destroy us with floods. He loves us all and delights in our trust.

Naomi Jean Silveria © 12-5-02


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