The symbol of love is she

From ancient days until now

Her perfume and beauty are unsurpassed

But the question that comes to mind is:

How could a flower so lovely

Contain such thorns?

Despised and painful are they

Must one wince with pain in order to gain

Her pleasures and her beauty?

A gentle reminder in a voice so tender

Came to my heart from above

I endured the thorns and the cross for you

Because I desired you, My Love

Your worth far exceeds the price that I paid

By choosing to lay down my life

For I looked beyond to our wedding day

When you shall become My Wife

Your life, like the rose, is bittersweet

For once she had no thorns

But on the day when we meet

You will stand complete

In holy array adorned.


by Gayle Orf

Gayle now resides in heaven with our Lord,
awaiting the Marriage Supper

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