I pray that when you smile,

But your heart is really breaking,

That the Lord will take that smile

And in your heart a joy He will be making

I pray that when you laugh,

When really you would like to moan,

That the Lord will send a reminder

That you are never all alone.

I pray that when you bow your head,

And cry out a plea to the Lord to help,

That He will answer and you will know

He is ready to share His eternal wealth.

I pray that in each day you will find

The brightness of the eternal Son;

That the Lord will strengthen and bless

All of your family, one by one.

I pray that He holds you in His loving arms

That He speaks to you so gently and sweetly,

Revealing His secret plans for you slowly,

All for His glory, all your days through.

By the prayer for saving grace,

That you brought before His face

Many years ago makes swift your passage

To that gloriously shining, heavenly place.

Copyright Marjorie 2002

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