The Keyboard of my heart has no ivory keys to play

Music comes from what I think, dream and what I say

A melody that people hear is my happy, sensitive heart

It is a song that will stay and never from me depart.

There are no black keys in the keyboard of my heart

And you can in fact not tell the black keys from the white.

No hands are found striking these keys that don't exist

Yet the sweetness of the chords no heart can really resist.

With no white or black keys in this keyboard of my heart

Where and how does the music even begin to make a start?

No music sheet was written for this keyboard of my heart

The music that you hear gets your feet tapping to every part

No musician, grandmaster plays this keyboard of my soul

It sends forth a celestial joy to the weak and to the bold

The weak and frail are not excluded from this joyous tune

They need no physical energy to frolic from morn to noon

The bold and strong live in this music which never stops

It is not a piece of music bought in some corner shop

Because it's not for sale the poor also to this music dance

Yes weak, bold both rich and poor all have an equal chance

No very expensive grand piano or master music hand

Is needed for the music seems is written in the sand

So as you see me frolic, dance to the music of the band

Ask that the keyboard of your heart

be touched by the Master's Hand.

By Stan Almendro

Stan is a team member at Whisper

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